What do You need To Know Before Buying A Fountain Pen Notebook?

Some people rely on their mobile phones or iPad to take notes with a stylus. Then there are the people who insist on using a fountain pen. If you are in this last group, choosing the right notebook type for your purposes is essential. Below are the tips helping you find the best journals for the fountain pen.

Decide The Purpose Of Notebook
Before you go out and buy a notebook, you should know what it will be used for. For example, let’s say that you’re going to use your fountain pen for any purpose but jotting down a quick shopping list while running errands. In this case, you will want a small pocket notebook or a weekly planner. These notebooks are good because they are small and portable, so taking them with you wherever your day takes you is easy.

If you hope to jot down notes using your fountain pen, you should consider a more significant journal or notebook. When choosing this type of notebook, you will want to look at the cover and think about what kind of paper will work best with your fountain pens.

Select The Right Size For Your Work
Often people get attracted to the way the journals look and buy them without knowing anything else. The size of paper matters in your work. There are various sizes of pages available for all kinds of work. The examples of paper size are, A4, A3, A2, A5 etc and many more. The different types of work require different sizes of pages. For example, if you take a notebook to note down all of your homework, the right size would be A4.

Thus it is very important to know these few things to buy the best journal for fountain pens. The working purpose, the right size, quality of the journal can be deciding factors in buying them.